Course Contents & Resources

We recommend several core readings for this course, as follows:

Introductory Pieces:
Gordin, Tilley, and Praskash, ‘Utopia and Dystopia beyond Space and Time’, in Pere Gallardo and Elizabeth Russell (eds), Yesterday’s Tomorrow: on Utopia and Dystopia (Cambridge Scholars, 2014)[Copy on Blackboard]

Core Background Reading for weeks 1-3:
J. C. Davis. Utopia and the ideal society: a study of English Utopian writing, 1516-1700

Core Background Reading for weeks 4 and 5:
Gregory Claeys (ed), The Cambridge companion to utopian literature (CUP, 2010), particularly Chapter 3: ‘Utopianism after More: The Renaissance and Enlightenment’ by Nicole Pohl.

We also recommend a handful of additional ‘Utopian resources’, not least the new Utopian Acts site, here:

This resource grows out of a recent conference on all things Utopian held in Italy, and it offers an interesting set of readings dedicated to the important work of ‘decolonizing’ utopian studies.

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