7: News From Nowhere / Looking Backwards, 1888-90.

This week takes as its focus two texts in dialogue: Edward Bellamy’s (American) socialist utopia, Looking Backward: 2000-1887 (1888), and William Morris’ (English) socialist utopia, News From Nowhere (1890). Building on our discussions of last week, around the nature of manifestos and the utopias they imagine, this week looks at the ways in which these two men imagine the future, the road to it, and how people live once they have arrived in it.

Required Reading:

Excerpts from Looking Backward and News From Nowhere

Mark Allison, ‘Building a Bridge to Nowhere: Morris, the Education of Desire, and the Party of Utopia’, Utopian Studies 29.1 (2018).

Csaba Toth, ‘Resisting Bellamy: How Bebel and Kautsky Read Looking Backward’, Utopian Studies 23.1 (2012).

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